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Your online space for a stronger, happier, healthier mind




29 sessions of max 15 minutes giving you all the information and exercises you need to sustainably feel happier, healthier and calmer. Start your MindStrength journey with a session a day or go at your own pace.


Meditation library

After the masterclass (or during!) you can keep up your MindStrength with 100+ meditations ranging from 3 to 15 minutes. Use anytime and anywhere. New meditations added all the time!


Cognitive tools

Many different tools and exercises that support you to make small and effective changes in your behaviour and move you towards more happiness and wellbeing. New tools and exercises added every week.

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What others are saying about MindStrength

“Loved the teaching style – relatable, honest and with humor”


“The Masterclass gives practical tools and techniques to become more aware in daily life”


“I learned which patterns in my current life were not helpful and how to move towards more helpful trends of thought. My circumstances have not changed, yet I feel more mentally strong at the end of this course than I did at the beginning”


“I liked the down-to-earth approach to the teaching, with a bit of humour from time to time”


“Really professional and helpful, would definitely recommend it”


“I appreciated the non-judgemental approach”

Portrait of Maaike van Min, Founder of MindStrength

Maaike van Min

Founder of MindStrength

Our approach

I, like many of us, struggled with emotions, feelings and situations in life that I wanted to be different. For me, anxiety was present in many situations in my life. I knew my anxiety was irrational, yet there is was. No matter what I tried, which self-help strategy I followed, there was never lasting change. Until I came across mindfulness. Practicing these techniques changed everything for me, and it can for you, whatever your unwanted emotion, feeling or situation is.

There are many meditation apps out there, so why start something similar? Mostly because MindStrength is different. Most of what is out there focusses on relieving symptoms like stress, sleeplessness or anxiety. MindStrength provides much more than that. Its mind training techniques focus on the underlying mechanism of the mind that give rise to the symptoms of stress, sleeplessness, anxiety and many more. You will experience symptom relief and you will build sustainable skills that allow you to thrive.

I will guide you through the masterclass, meditations and cognitive tools in what I have been told is a down to earth and real way. You are your own expert and I invite you to try the different elements of MindStrength to see what works best for you. Throughout your journey, I am available for questions and will give you support the best way I can.