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Powerful, Personal, and Focussed

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MindStrength was started with a vision to share the power of training our mind. MindStrength aims to empower you with knowledge and tools to make your mind your ally in life. We do this through our personal approach, striving for humanness and connection.


MindStrength offers you insight into the functioning of your mind, which will give you the power to feel happier, be healthier and stand stronger. you will get knowledge and understanding about how our mind works and how it can support or undermine our wellbeing. Rather than tackling symptoms like stress, anxiety or restless sleep, we focus on four themes that are the foundation of a powerful mind.


The masterclasses, exercises, blogs and audios are organised in such a way that they will support you in a way that suits your needs. You will have access to personal guidance and support if you so wish. In your dashboard and through our library you can choose the themes, duration and type of exercises that resonates best with you. In addition you can access the SOS exercises if things feel overwhelming in your life. We will send you new meditations, articles, videos and other material every week.

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We provide you mind training tools that build a strong mind, rather than programmes that focus on symptoms like stress, anxiety or even peak performance. Our mind plays a critical role in all that we experience. You will find that with the skills of focus, awareness, appreciation and power of kindness your symptoms will reduce and you will be able to ‘be’ more. Through our library and personal dashboard you will have an easy way to access and choose your exercises. Know that all exercises that you do, including all meditations and themes, will have impact on your life and wellbeing.