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What are my habits?

It is important to start to recognise your own habits. When you start to see how habits are formed in your brain, you can start to change them. Your habits are made up of three elements. Why not take the next week to start to become more familiar with your habits.

Fill in the following:

First question: What is the habitual behaviour that you would like to change? This could be an actual behaviour, like eating too much cake, or nail biting, or smoking. It can also be a mental behaviour like worrying, overthinking, judging etc.

Second question: What is the trigger for me to fall into my habit. This is the experience that starts the habit. It can be something you see, smell, visit, hear, but it can also be something internal like an emotion, a thought or a body sensation

Third question: What is the result of my behaviour? How does it make me feel both in the short term as in the long term.

Just write down your answers to the questions to as many habits you can find!

This exercise is taken from Dr. Judson Brewers’ Habit Mapper!