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Thinking and inaction


Are you thinking your way into inaction


What we do is important and shapes our wellbeing and habits. However, it can be surprisingly difficult to move to action sometimes. Usually this is a sign you need a bit of self-care, or even a lot of self-care. What we think can influence massively what we do, especially if we believe our thoughts (check out the masterclass session 13 ‘thoughts are not facts’ if you find yourself believing your thoughts).


​Take 5 mindful breaths and then read the below lists of thoughts. Know that they are common thoughts and they get in the way of action.

  • I’m tired, I am always tired
  • Other people’s needs are more important than mine
  • There is no point starting this, I cannot finish it
  • I cannot do this as well as I used to
  • How am I going to get everything done, I’ve got so much to do

Maybe write down some of your own thoughts that stop you from action.


When you notice any of these thoughts coming up, just be aware of them, let them be and decide not to listen.