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Discovering values

Values are incredibly powerful to have clear and use in your daily life. The clearer you are on them the easier it is to ensure you connect to them in the way you make choices, interact and build relationships with people and pursue your goals.

So, what are values?

Values are not goals. Values are a lifelong journey, whereas goals are set in time and can be achieved. Values is the way you want to live life and give direction to your passions.

Connecting to our values makes our hard work, and the things we have to deal with, worth our while. We can take a lot, and show a lot of persistence, if we are connected to our values.

The values upon which I and my community stand

Values bulls-eye: Draw a bullseye, and divide the bulls-eye into four equal parts. Answer the questions below, write the answers down if you can. Then draw out where you rate your life now compared to the answers you gave to the questions below. The closer you draw a line to the bulls-eye the more you are living your values. Make a work of art out of it.



Personal growth/health:


Once you have drawn out your bullseye, think:


If you struggle to identify your values, view a list of ideas.