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Breathing Space


The breathing space


It can be difficult to train the mind to be present. However, this is key if we want to experience less stress and respond wisely even in challenging situations. The breathing space can be a great tool to use to train yourself to be present, and later, as you become more familiar with the breathing space, you can use it to ground yourself during difficult situations.


You can do a breathing space at any time and anywhere. For now, set 3 times a day where you are going to practice 3 minutes of breathing space. For example: before you open your computer in the morning, before you go for lunch and just before you close the computer for the evening.

You can do a breathing space in any posture, sitting, standing, walking. Before you start just make a deliberate choice to start.

There are three steps to the breathing space:

  1. Acknowledge: check out how you are in this moment. Your body sensations, your thoughts and your emotions.
  2. Allow everything to be exactly as it is and focus your attention on your breath. Breathe in and out for 3 to 5 breaths with awareness
  3. Expand your awareness now to include yourself sitting here breathing. Your body, your breath, just sitting.


Really try to plan this into your day for at least two weeks, this will allow you to engrain it into your mind and habits.