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Mindful daily activity


Being Mindful of a daily activity


There are many things during the day that we do on automatic pilot. We go through the motions, but we do not really pay attention to what we are doing. Often during these times our minds wander to things that are worrying us, or stressing us out. These moments of our day are really good to practice being present, being mindful.


Pick one routing activity a day. This can be taking a shower, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, cooking dinner, or anything else that you do every day. Then do this activity with the intention to be fully present for it. This means: aware of your movements, your breath, the sensations in your body – just do the routine activity and KNOW that you are doing it.


It can be very easy to forget to do a routine activity mindfully. Maybe you can stick a post-it on the fridge, or on your bathroom mirror, to remind yourself!