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Challenge your self-critical thoughts and beliefs


Challenge your self-critical thoughts and beliefs


We all have critical thoughts about ourselves. If they become too strong and we believe them they can really have a huge impact on our wellbeing. Starting to see your own self-critical thoughts and beliefs is the first step in reducing their power. This way they will not stress you out as much. You can just leave them be what they are: just thoughts, not facts!


Step 1: ​​Recognise your own critical thoughts or beliefs.

Step 2: ​Investigate if these thoughts and beliefs are supported by evidence.

Step 3:​​ Think of 2 or 3 alternative explanations with evidence.


Remember that everybody has self-critical thoughts and that this for them is just as difficult as it is for you. Knowing your own thoughts can help you understand and feel compassionate about other people’s struggles with theirs.