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Take a walk


A mindful walk


Moving our bodies and going outside is always good for us. Even when we do not feel like it or if going outside is stressful.


Today, find the time to go for a walk by yourself. However long you can, even 5 minutes. As you leave your house try to become mindful of all your senses. Feel the touch of air on your skin, smell the air, hear the sounds, taste the freshness, look around you. Take it slowly, take at least a couple of minute per sense. If your mind drifts off, just go back to it.

Notice if there is anxiety present and just be with it. Notice where that sits in the body and what thoughts come up. Try to just walk mindfully with it. It is ok to feel anxious, it is also ok to notice that there is no anxiety present. Or that it comes and goes. Try it out, see how you go.


You do not have to be alone on this walk if that is hard. You can also ask someone to join you and you can do this mindful walk together.