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Transform anxiety.
Live your life with ease and calm.

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A 16-week transformative programme designed to free you from an overwhelming anxiety cycle and to living a life full of happiness and freedom.

The doors for this programme will close FOREVER on the 23rd of December

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Portrait of Inge

“Loved the teaching style – relatable, honest and with humor”

You know that anxiety is holding you back, and you've tried different ways to try and control it, even eliminate it from your life – but the anxiety is tenacious and does not shift easily.

You try to manage your busy life but are not enjoying things as much as you would like. You worry, ruminate, feel low in energy, and quite frankly, are completely fed-up with it.

Does that ring true for you? Then you're in the right place.

Using clear and proven tools and techniques developed throughout my own journey with anxiety, I can help you break through this cycle. Together we can reshape your belief in what is possible, find calm in the midst of your busy life, quiet down those thoughts, and set you up for more joy, happiness and freedom in your life.

After all, isn't being happy what life is supposed to be about?

Portrait of Camille

“ learnt which patterns in my current life were not helpful and how to move towards more helpful trends of thought.”

Are you ready to...

  • free from anxiety. For good.
  • ...say goodbye to overthinking and worry.
  • ...learn how to trust yourself, your body and your mind.
  • rebuild a healthy relationship with yourself, your emotions and your body.
  • ...find joy, ease and wellbeing in your life.
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Welcome to the LAST EVER 16 Week Transform Anxiety Programme...

A tactical, step by step framework to help you begin to transform your relationship with anxiety. This 16-week course will take you from feeling anxious and stressed to finding calm and ease so that you can live your life free from anxiety, and focus on the things that truly matter.

The programme is based on the latest research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and Buddhist psychology. I only use methods that have a clear and proven impact, scientifically, but more importantly on you, my clients.

It’s time to take back control of your life! Let’s do thisYES? 

What will we work on?

It is the LAST TIME I am opening up the doors to this programme. Join me and together we will work on:

  1. Building up belief and trust that you CAN transform anxiety. That anxiety is strong and persistent, but that it is changeable.
  2. Learning about key mind-mechanisms that give rise to anxiety. How they work, how easily we fall into them, and how we can remain stuck in them, and importantly, how by knowing about them, we can step out of them.
  3. Calming our bodies and minds down in the midst of anxiety and ensure that we teach our bodies and minds what it feels like to not be anxious and have that become our new normal!
  4. Training our self-compassion, self-care and building a healthy relationship with ourselves. Being harsh and unkind to yourself has impact on, and can be a cause of, anxiety. Learning how we can build a strong, authentic, compassion-based relationship with ourselves is an important element of transforming anxiety.
  5. Cultivating supportive mind-states and learn how to grow them. A large element of this is meditation and building both an ability to see our minds clearly and build positive, supportive, friendly mind-states to counter the anxious mind states.
  6. Building sustainable new habits and overcoming obstacles that get in the way of making positive choices and are fed by anxiety.

That’s a lot, and any one of these elements could change and transform anxiety for you. Whatever you have tried before, whether it’s lots of things or nothing at all, I know that it often it is one of the critical elements of this programme that starts the transformation for you.

Portrait of Elise

“Really professional and helpful, would definitely recommend it”

Included in this incredible 16-week group programme...


  • 8 x Fortnightly 90-minute LIVE group calls

(Time and day will be decided on the group’s availability and preference)
During our live calls, we’ll get to fully understand anxiety in its entirety, AND how it all works in our brain and mind. We will discuss our wins and challenges, do some interactive and fun exercises together, and take time to meditate and breathe. These calls will be recorded for anyone unable to join – but I’d always advise attending live, if you can, to get the most out of your time on this programme (plus it’s so much more fun!).

  • 8 x Pre-recorded videos, meditations, exercises and more

these pre-recorded sessions will allow you to practice the key skills of transforming anxiety. This is absolutely vital for your success. The sessions will build up your skills steadily with information, exercises and meditations. Every other week you will be sent new material to watch in a private portal and practice at your own pace.

  • Support and accountability in the group

You will have access to a friendly and supportive private group. Here, we will share our wins and struggles, encourage each other and send extra information or tools to support us throughout our 16 weeks together.

  • Personal support when needed

Designed to support you efficiently as you go through the programme, you can access me for support, questions and concerns. I am here to help you and cheer you on as you go through this journey.

Special price this last time: 3 monthly payments of €250 (normally €335)

If you prefer you can pay the full sum (€750 normally €1000) in one go or in three monthly payments of €250

NOTE: I know that this programme will truly transform your relationship with anxiety, but to completely de-risk it for you, I include a 30-day money-back guarantee*. More details are below.

This is your last chance!

Follow the 100s of people I have trained to date and join TODAY! We’ll get you started on that transformative journey to a life free from anxiety.

I am so looking forward to supporting you on this powerful journey!

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*PS. I understand that investing time and money to work with someone new can feel daunting, so I am keen to de-risk this for you, so there is no reason not to join the programme.

I’m confident that you will transform your anxiety with my support and experience, and this training will be the start of a new way of being and living for you. However, if for whatever reason, this programme does not resonate with you, please email me within the first 30 days after the start of the training, and I will give you your full investment back. No questions asked – apart from maybe some feedback! YOU IN?

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Portait of Maaike van Min, founder of MindStrength

Hi, I'm Maaike...

I support people who, just like you, want to transform anxiety, live a life with ease, be happy and feel powerful.

I used to struggle a lot with anxiety. I tried to push it away, ignore it, get angry or change it. I was fighting anxiety with all my might. As I have a MA in Psychology, I used all my knowledge to try to get rid of my anxiety. It did not work.

I lived a full and exciting life, but anxiety was always there with me….

…until I started with mindfulness and meditation. With these techniques, I learned that I could stop fighting. When I realised this, not only did my anxiety shift (and yes, I still have anxious thoughts, but they hold little power over me anymore), but everything in my life became easier, happier, more satisfying.

I’m now able to face difficulties from a place of more steadiness and calm.

And I am here to say that this is possible for you, too.

Are you ready to get more control of your happiness, calm and wellbeing?

Are you ready to get real about yourself, the role that you play in creating and perpetuating anxiety and get out of your own way?

Are you ready to stand calm, strong and happy in life?

Being brave enough to really transform anxiety is not something you need to do alone. With help, you can turn over a new page. Say yes!

Maaike x

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