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Soothing Anxiety

Start to loosen the grip of anxiety RIGHT NOW (for just 7,- euro!)

Yes, Please!

Ok, so you know you have got to take action to overcome anxiety, right?

What is driving your ambition to change? Is it because you feel that anxiety is keeping you down? That you want to enjoy normal things in life? Enjoy your job, go out with friends, or just playing with the kids. How awesome would it be to do all that without anxiety being present?

This is totally possible. But here is the truth: if you do nothing different from what you are doing today… nothing will change.

You have to take actual action

Want some help with that?

Yes? Then I have got an amazing offer for you…

Just a quick note… this offer will disappear as soon as you navigate away from this page…


7 days to learn how to soothe anxiety

Going at this alone is no easy feat. Allow yourself to get support in your journey to break your anxiety cycle. For seven days, I will show up in your inbox with down to earth, easily applicable information, meditations and exercises.

All of these tools have supported me and my clients and allowed us to loosen the grip of anxiety. They can do the same for you.

An additional great thing is that it is all backed-up by extensive research and science.

All of this for just 7,-euro – why at such a low price, you may wonder… well, it is because I really want to help you to take this decision and feel the power you already have to loosen the grip of anxiety. I know doubt will be there, that is ok, but just don’t listen to it. Doubt is not going to help you out of the anxiety cycle. Action is – so this price makes it easy for you to take action.

Yes, Please! Sign me up


Have you..?

  • Often tried different things to ‘get rid’ of anxiety?
  • Felt that nothing seems to work for you?
  • Been disappointed to still feel anxious and agitated often?
  • Got a wish you could feel calmer?

Then this is for you! In this short and to the point programme you will understand and experience that you too have the power to calm your mind and body down. This ability is the first of 6 skills that I teach my clients to transform their anxiety, and I am now giving you this opportunity to learn this first skill for just 7,- euro!


Imagine what your life would be like if you...?

  • would thrive in your job
  • did not have to cancel any plans because of anxiety
  • would be able to do normal things without worry or stress

All this starts with learning to soothe your anxiety. It is a great first step towards living a life without anxiety. It is a critical skill that allows you to find steadiness and calm even in the midst of anxiety and stress.

With this programme you will learn to soothe and calm your body and mind. You will get to know and understand your anxiety better, giving you more power to change it and be free from it.

Yes, Please! Sign me up

What others say...

“Great tips and tools to help me calm my mind”


“I felt that I had the power to shift my busy mind”


“I realised what was happening in my mind, which allows me to react better.”


“I love the teaching style, so down to earth and practical”


In this programme you will:

  • Get 7 calming and relaxing meditations
  • Learn about anxiety and what you can do to loosen it's grip on you
  • Experience your own power to calm down your body and mind
  • Build habits that support calmness and reduces anxiety
  • You will have life-time access to all material!

What's included?

Valuable content to really support you

You will get access to over 75 minutes of meditations and lots of information, tips and tricks about anxiety and how to feel better

7 days direct support to kickstart change

Meditations, exercises and information will be sent directly to your inbox. Great news, you will have access forever and go back to any material as often as you like.

Practical and Easy

Once you purchased the programme you will get an email with the first session. The sessions are short (roughly 10 minutes) so they can fit into your day easily.

Portrait of Maaike van Min, Founder of MindStrength

Maaike van Min

Founder of MindStrength

Hi, my name is Maaike,

I support people who, just like you, want to transform anxiety, live a life with ease, be happy and feel powerful. I can help you get out of your anxiety cycle so that you can start living the life you want.

You know that the anxiety is holding you back and you have tried different things to ‘make it go away’ – but the anxiety is tenacious and does not shift easily. You manage your busy life but are not enjoying things as much as you would like. You worry, ruminate, feel low energy, and frankly, are getting very much fed-up with it.

Does that ring true for you? Then you’re in the right place.

I help you break through this cycle. Together we can reshape your belief in what is possible, find calm in the midst of your busy life, quiet down those thoughts, and set you up for more joy and happiness in your life.

After all, isn’t being happy what life is supposed to be about?

Being brave enough to really transform anxiety is not something you need to do alone. With help, you can turn over a new page. Say yes!