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Identify your anxiety thoughts


Identify your anxiety thoughts


When we are anxious, it is our interpretation of events (inside or outside of us) that make us anxious. We usually have a couple of different anxious thoughts that keep coming back. Starting to see your anxiety thoughts and beliefs is the first step in reducing their power. This way they will loose their power to make you anxious. You can just leave them be what they are: just thoughts, not facts!


Step 1: ​​Identify the trigger (internal or external) of your anxiety

Step 2: ​Investigate the anxiety thoughts and beliefs that are linked to the trigger

Step 3:​​ Name the anxiety thought, give it a movie name, one that makes you smile.


Anxiety thoughts can be very persistent in telling you that they are the truth (even if they are not). This can also be part of the name you give them. Even the thoughts that say they are true, are not. They are just thoughts.