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Saying Goodbye to 2020


Saying Goodbye to 2020


Before we can start with something new, it helps to say goodbye to the old. We can do this with something like a ritual. 2020 has been a special year where a lot changed for many of us, it is likely that a lot of the ideas or ambitions you had about 2020 a year ago did not happen, and we have had to show resolve, adaptation and resilience. This makes 2020 an especially good year to look back upon.


We can play a game. You can play with others or by yourself. The game is as follows:  sit in a small group (on zoom if needed) and ask everyone these questions. Go round the group, let people

What actions did I do this year to deal with all the COVID related anxiety and changes? What worked well and why?

What made me happy this year? Why?

What do I want to continue doing next year? What do I want to stop?

Once you have answered these questions light a candle. Let the candle just burn (obviously when you are not in the room blow it out), and every time you see the candle just think ‘goodbye and thank you 2020’.


When you answer the questions or listen to the reply of others try to do so with awareness of your own body and mind. Really listening to others can be the biggest gift you give someone, and this is true for yourself too.