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Your Intentions for 2022


A Mindful start


Today is the first ‘normal’ day of 2022, in as far as there is a normal right now. Kids might be back to (home) school, you might be starting work or studies again. When you look back at the 12 days you may have thought about the intentions you want to set for 2022, what change you would like to see. Setting intentions rather than goals is important – you can re-read the article from day 10 to be reminded.


Set realistic intentions for the next year and list 3 things that you can action right now. For example: My intention is to get more exercise and become fit (ter). My actions are: I am going to do 2 online fitness classes each week in January. I am going to take a 20 -minute walk each lunchtime during working days and I am going to build up my ability to hold a forearm plank. In February, I will set new actions (they might be the same) in line with my intention and how things are going.


Make your intentions feasible and your actions manageable. Otherwise you will lose motivation quickly. Be kind to yourself when you do not take all the actions you had planned, and know that you can always start again.