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Get disenchanted with your habit(s)

The second step to changing habits (behavioural or thoughts) is to get really curious about how these habits really make you feel.

The main question to ask yourself: what am i getting out of this behaviour.

And try to find the answers not in your head, but in your experience. The actual body sensations, emotions and thoughts that come with your habit. This is NOT an intellectual exercise. You need to really ‘feel’ the results, and allow them to be what they are. Not trying to change them.

You can use the skills of Focus and Awareness in this exercise. Maybe you even try a ‘simple’ focus meditation to settle yourself in this moment, if your habit shows up GREAT! Check it out, ask yourself what am i getting from this? How does this feel in my body?

The more you practice the skills of Focus and Awareness the more likely you are to ‘catch’ yourself in the habit – at that moment, stop. Stop and feel. What am i getting out of this? How does this feel?