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Portrait of Maaike - founder of MindStrength

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4 Actions you can take RIGHT NOW to wire your brain away from anxiety and towards ease and happiness.

In this FREE 60-min training you’ll learn 4 ways to train your brain so that you can start to feel calmer, happier and live with more ease! Everything is backed by science and by the lived experience of many clients! – limited spaces available!

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What you will learn during this free Masterclass

In the Masterclass we will focus on 4 actions:

Action 1: Focus

Become calmer and quiet down the thought stream

Action 2: Become Aware

Start to see how your interpretation of things that happen is key to making or breaking anxiety

Action 3: Cultivate goodness

Make it easier to feel and appreciate all the wonderful things in your life

Action 4: Be kind

Learn to befriend yourself and your anxiety to really make it shift

How to get started

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This is a live event and spaces are limited!

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Here’s what others are saying about the webinar:

“Brilliant, well done. I thought that was really useful, practical and well done.”


“Thank you for the educational, interesting and calming session!”


“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights. I have learned a lot and it already has a positive impact on my life.”

Portait of Maaike van Min, founder of MindStrength

Meet your host

As a psychologist and mindfulness teacher, Maaike van Min is an expert in how to overcome anxiety. She also knows first-hand what it is like to experience anxiety on a daily basis, and how to move towards a life where (unhealthy) anxiety plays little to no role. She’s supported hundreds of clients in their own journey towards a calmer, happier mind and living the life they want.

Maaike has worked with many individuals and has trained organisations like Unicef, MSI Reproductive Choices, Colruyt, University of Gent and others.

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