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3 keys to Overcoming Anxiety and Taking Back Control (even if you’ve tried everything)
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In this FREE 60-min training you’ll learn about the 3 keys to overcoming and anxiety and taking back control.

Are you fed up with anxiety? Feel that you have tried everything but nothing 'works' for you?

I get it. I have been there.

Good news! There is something you can do about it. Lots of things in fact. In this Masterclass I will teach you the three keys to overcoming anxiety and what you can do RIGHT NOW to start living free from anxiety.

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This Masterclass will empower you!

During this Masterclass you'll learn three keys to overcoming anxiety, coming away with concrete knowledge and tools to help move towards ease and joy.

Key 1: Train your Brain

Unlock your anxiety solution by training your brain

Key 2: Shift your response to anxiety

How to move beyond anxiety in three steps that you can use anytime, anywhere

Key 3: The two 'C's Curiosity and Commitment

Overcoming the hurdles that are keeping you stuck in anxiety – simple but powerful

How to get started

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Portait of Maaike van Min, founder of MindStrength

Hi, I'm Maaike, your host

I used to struggle a lot with anxiety. I tried to push it away, ignore it, get angry or change it. I was fighting anxiety with all my might. As I have a MA in Phsychology, I used all my knowledge to try to get rid of my anxiety. I tried everything I could think of. It did not work.

I lived a full and exciting life, but anxiety was always there with me. But no more! I overcame anxiety step by step. In this Masterclass I share with you the 3 keys to starting your own journey towards overcoming anxiety.

Are you ready to get more control of your happiness, calm and wellbeing?

Yes, then join me for this Masterclass.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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