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Check out the articles, meditations and videos - all created to help you transform your anxiety.

Articles and videos

3 Myths about overcoming anxiety


I often see people start their journey of overcoming anxiety with certain expectations in mind. These expectations can actually hamper the progress towards overcoming anxiety, as they set unrealistic expectations or throw... View video

What if anxiety is here to stay?


Is accepting anxiety the key to living free from anxiety? For years I fought the anxiety I felt. If I felt anxious while out with friends, I hated it and judged the... Read more

4 minute read

Is anxiety all in the mind?


When we are told that our anxiety (or anything else for that matter) is ‘all in the mind’ we have a tendency to get upset. To not feel heard, to feel like... Read more

3 minute read

Want to Transform Anxiety?


It is totally possible. You can learn 6 key skills and you will see how they transform your anxiety! I don’t think there is anybody that would say anxiety is a choice.... Read more

2 minute read

Habits that feed anxiety


Learn more about 5 habits that feed anxiety which you can stop today! There is no doubt that behaviours can feed anxiety, just as anxiety can feed behaviour. If you often feel... Read more

4 minute read
Article Want to Transform Anxiety?