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Portrait of Maaike - founder of MindStrength

Simple, effective, results-driven psychological support

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Are you ready to feel more confident and ease? This is totally possible. I have supported 100s of people find exactly that with personalised, effective and affordable psychological support.

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Let's do it! Start your journey now and book your first, totally free, session. I know reaching out can be hard, and needs can be high. This is why I aim to have space for you within 48 hours!

Portait of Maaike van Min, founder of MindStrength

Hi, I am Maaike

I am a psychologist who focusses on real world results


From 2004 to 2017 I lived and worked in Africa and Asia. I worked with a passion and for a passion. Over the years I grew in my job, gaining more and more responsibility, both in terms of management as well as being accountable for enormous budgets (350 million!). I loved what I did and was really living the life I wanted.

But on the inside, I was struggling. I was anxious. A lot.

As a trained clinical psychologist and mindfulness trainer I know and understand the world of mental resilience and wellbeing. As a human being who struggled, I know how difficult and challenging finding mental resilience and calm can be.

For the last 5 years I have been supporting people just like you build more mental resilience and feel stronger, happier and more ease in their day to day life. I have supported them with 1:1 support and coaching, with group training sessions and with tools and exercises they integrated into their lives. With this they have been able to transform their lives.

My clients stand in the midst of life with responsibilities in their job, with their partners, their children, their parents, their friends. They all work hard to feel better, not stress, not overthink, live healthily, take care of their loved ones, be responsible and kind but find that despite their best efforts, they feel a sense of lack. They wanted to feel more ease, more calm and more confident. They wanted to enjoy life more.

With that desire, they’ve talked, practiced, understood and trusted the process of building mental resilience. They now find ease in the midst of busy-ness.  They have learned to calm their busy minds, to stand strong and be comfortable and happy with who they are . All of this created a freedom beyond their imagination. An ability to live life aligned with their values, working with their strengths which is giving them a sense of satisfaction and ease which in turn impacts everyone around them… you can achieve this too!

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What clients say...

“I want to recommend you to everyone who is facing a big challenge in their life. It was so valuable to get your support when I needed it. ”


“How great that I could speak to a psychologist so quickly. Even the first session supported me already. ”


“Really professional and helpful, would definitely recommend it”


“I enjoyed all our sessions. I learned a lot about myself, feel better. I’m happy that I did this and would like to recommend everyone to do this!”


“It was nice to be able to speak someone, get concrete advice and exercises to do. I felt empowered to deal with my stress in a totally new way. ”


“I just want to say thank you. I felt stuck in my own thoughts and unhappiness, but thanks to our sessions I just do not get stuck in my worries anymore. I build my own happiness instead of constantly worrying. ”


“I always felt a bit sceptical about psychology. But I am glad I tried your programme. I loved how pragmatic and concrete our discussions were, it really helped me.”


“Thank you, you were so calm and shared so much wisdom. It was just what I needed, and I know feel so strong. My mind is now my friend, not my enemy! ”


“I just needed this support during this phase in my life. ”

Start NOW

Let's do it! Start your journey now and book your first, totally free, session. I know reaching out can be hard, and needs can be high. This is why I aim to have space for you within 48 hours!