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Looking back with kindness


Recount your year with a lens of kindness


Our brains have a tendency to focus on the more difficult things that happen, and this year has seen many challenges. We can easily dwell on that and then we will look back on 2020 with a lens of negativity. We can teach our brain to do this with a different lens.


Today, take some time to ask yourself ‘how was my year’ and write it down with kindness. For example, this can mean: 1) remember the pleasant things and give them space. 2) if things were difficult, be open about that and write, I did the best I could in the situation. 3) if someone hurt you, or you feel you were treated unfairly, try to turning that story around in one with compassion.


Once you have reframed 2020 to a story of kindness and compassion, see if you can start telling that story of your year to others. So instead of saying: it was a difficult year, say: this year had its challenges but I did the best I could.