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Why don’t I meditate?

Despite our best intentions, it can be incredibly hard to start or stick to a meditation practice. It quickly becomes a ‘thing to do’ and adds to our already long to-do list, and we resist this. In times of lockdown it can be harder than we thought to find the time, and it can also be difficult to be still, even for a few minutes, as we then notice our stress.

To reconnect to your motivation - try​ to think back to the moment you first registered for the daily meditations – write down your motivations for doing so. Check if those motivations are still valid, or if some have changed or others have appeared. Take this note and stick it somewhere where you regularly see it (but not too often, because then you will just start ignoring it...)

Read the article 'why training your mind makes you happier' – the tips in there might help also. The below meditation is 5 minutes. Take them now.