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Watch your self-talk

Today we practice with a powerful cognitive tool that has a lot of impact on your wellbeing. It's called: Watch your self-talk

What we say impacts our brain, our mood, our beliefs – everything really. Negative self-talk can really hamper your wellbeing and happiness. It's not just what you say out-loud, it is also what you say in your head!

​Watch what you do and say about yourself and your life during the pandemic to others. Are you often focussing on all the things that are troubling you? Do you often say things that actually put yourself down, minimising how well you are coping? Take three steps:

1. Identify the talk (either during or after) - what is it you say?

2. Stop the negative talk - you can actively stop yourself from negative talk

3. Change the self-talk - start saying things in a way that are supportive to you and your wellbeing.

Below is a recording of yesterdays live meditation. We do 2 meditations and speak about the power of allowing things to be as they are. If you do not have 30 minutes you can just watch the first couple of minutes for a short grounding meditation.