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Curiosity brings a new perspective

We are all dealing with difficult emotions and feelings. That is not unique to the current situation, but it does bring them more to the fore. We have a natural tendency to move away from anything that feels unpleasant. In the long run this is actually counter productive, so one of the most transformational things we can do with unwanted emotions and feelings is to allow them to be.

This is a practice that takes time and effort. In our Masterclass we spend quite a bit of time explore this. For now we can start to feel what it is like to approach our difficulties in a different way. One way to do that is to bring some curiosity to the emotions and/or feelings.

When a difficult emotion or feeling arises you can take the following steps:

1. See what label you put on the emotion or feeling? Is it sadness, anger, anxiety, pain?

2. Sit with it for a breath or two and feel where it expresses itself in the body. It is usually somewhere in the body - can you feel where?

3. Bring some kindness to the difficulty. It's ok. It is here. Know that you are strong enough to be with it. If it get's overwhelming, you can step away.

Try it out with today's short meditation.