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Breathing space

In Mindfulness trainings there is one technique you learn that will help you through moments that feel challenging. This is the breathing space. What you do during a breathing space are three distinct steps.

First you acknowledge what is going on for you in this moment. What you can sense in your body, what your thoughts are, and how you are feeling (emotions).

Second, you focus your attention in on your breath. You follow your breath for 3 to 5 breaths (or longer).

Lastly, you expand your attention to include your body as a whole, and your experience of sitting and breathing.

You can use this breathing space at any point during the day. You do not need to sit in meditation, you can even do a breathing space when you are in the middle of a meeting. It helps you step back from the experience and reconnect with the present moment. This brings more calm and will allow you to have more choice in what you do next.