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Be your own best friend


Be your own best friend.


Unkindness to self is detrimental for our wellbeing and happiness. Learning to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves with kindness is critical for creating the life you want to lead.


When you are facing a difficulty during your day, ask yourself – what do I need right now? This is such an important question. Really ask yourself this and give yourself what you need. It is like how you would treat your best friend if they felt the way you did. This can be an absolute game changer when you learn to ask yourself this question and take action accordingly.


Sometimes what we need is simply not possible, this is a reality. You can still take what it is that you need into consideration and either ask yourself the question again and think of something that is do-able, or just acknowledge the fact that what you need right now is not possible. For example, you are at work and you feel very tired. You need to take a rest, but this is not possible. You can see if there is something else you can do to give yourself a rest (take a couple of deep breaths, have a glass of water, move your body etc. etc.)

Want more?

Transforming anxiety is totally possible for you! All you need are the right skills in your toolbox so you can live with more ease and joy. Interested? Check out the Transform Anxiety programme and fill in the questionnaire – I will get back to you!