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Be Fearless!

7 sessions to move towards more calm and joy

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Did you know that anxiety does not just happen to us? We do not have to live with it, we have the ability to change it. We really do. In the 7 sessions of the ‘Be Fearless‘ programme you can learn how.

Sound good? Then keep reading!


What you'll learn

In this programme we will demystify anxiety. You will get to understand the different aspects of anxiety and how we easily get stuck in anxiety loops. You will also learn how meditation and mind-training allow you to step out of your anxiety and calm yourself down.

You will get down to earth, easily applicable information, meditations and exercises that support you to loosen the grip of anxiety. An additional great thing is that it is all backed-up by extensive research and science.


Do you...?

  • Have the tendency to overthink and worry?
  • Often have physical stress and fear reactions ?
  • Have a tendency to push yourself and keep going, despite feeling fearful?
  • Wish you would be able to be calmer and experience more joy?

And have you tried meditation or other things to feel better, but has it not quite stuck?

This programme is for you! In this short and to the point programme you will understand and experience why and how the technique of training the mind helps with soothing anxiety. This understanding is critical for starting and sticking to something that is good for us. Just like because we know that the nutritional value of broccoli is good for us, we eat more of it. Once we understand (and feel!) how mind training and meditation changes our anxiety, we will do more of it – which will help soothe the anxiety even more.


Imagine what your life would be like if you...?

  • Had less anxiety
  • Felt confident in all situations
  • Experienced more ease and joy
  • Were Fearless!

Does that sound good? Or even too good to be true? Becoming familiar with your own mind-mechanisms and habits that either hinder or support all of these things will help you get there!

Have you become curious to know how and why meditation and mind training can lessen your anxiety?

Join our programme now!

What others say...

“Great tips and tools to help me calm my mind”


“I felt that I had the power to shift my busy mind”


“I realised what was happening in my mind, which allows me to react better.”


“I love the teaching style, so down to earth and practical”


In this programme you will:

  • Get information about the mind-mechanisms of anxiety
  • Learn how you can recognise and change the mind-mechanisms
  • Experience meditations that support you soothe and shift anxiety
  • Be able to calm your body in times of anxiety
  • Train your mind towards more calm and joy
  • You will have life-time access to all material!

What's included?

Valuable content to really support you

You will get access to 60 minutes of video material that really helps you understand the mechanisms of anxiety in your brain and mind + what you can do about it! You can watch them again and again!

Meditations and Exercises to use forever!

This programme has 13 meditations and 7 exercises that are designed to soothe and break the anxiety cycle. In addition, there will be bonus material available for you, in total more than 75 minutes of meditations! You have lifetime access to all material.

Practical and Easy

Once you purchased the programme you will get an email with joining instructions. The sessions are short (between 10 -30 minutes) so they can fit into your day easily and you will get regular email reminders to keep the momentum going!

Portrait of Maaike van Min, Founder of MindStrength

Maaike van Min

Founder of MindStrength

Hi, my name is Maaike,

Entrepreneur, Psychologist, Mindfulness teacher… and in more ways than one, I am just like you.

I used to struggle a lot with anxiety. I tried to push it away, ignore it, get angry or change it. I was fighting anxiety with all my might. As I had a MA in Psychology, I used all my knowledge to try to get rid of my anxiety. It did not work.

Until I started with mindfulness and meditation. With these techniques I learned that I could stop fighting. When I realised this, not only did my anxiety shift (and yes, I still have anxious thoughts, but they hold little power over me anymore), but everything in my life became easier, happier, more satisfying. Not that my life is without challenge now, but I’m able to face difficulties from a place of more steadiness and calm. It is a practice, of course, and I meditate daily, but I no longer fight my thoughts, I just don’t take them so seriously anymore.

This is why I created MindStrength.

Not to help you get rid of unwanted feelings or thoughts, but to give you the knowledge and resources to stop fighting and find freedom in where you are. MindStrength will help you get back your power in all aspects of life, and the Be Fearless programme is a critical element of that.  All techniques in the MindStrength programmes are backed by extensive research and have been proven to be effective.

You don’t have to do this alone. And even when it is hard, know that you got this. I am with you every step of the way.