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Who is Maaike?

I founded MindStrength in 2018. A year earlier I decided to quit a job I loved in international development and pursue ‘something’ with mindfulness, psychology and training the mind. I had very little idea of what I was going to do, but I knew I wanted to make the leap.

I have a MA in clinical psychology and have been trained at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre as a Mindfulness teacher. Just as importantly, I have benefitted so much in my own life from the skills of MindStrength.

The skills and themes of MindStrength are not new, but come from a lot of different sources and schools of thought. They have been researched and are proven to be effective. Some skills are centuries old. I had to go quite long and far to put them all together in one simple and easily accessible format.

As I am a psychologist by training, I loved reading lots of books, going on retreats and studying, but I am guessing not everyone has that same passion or time. This is where the idea of MindStrength started, to make the knowledge that is out there available for everyone, so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge about how to take care of our mind.

The journey started with teaching Mindfulness courses, providing skype-support and training in both yoga-based MindStrength and MindStrength at work. The feedback and enthusiasm from my clients made me realize that through making the skills available online more people could be reached, and we can really start to make an impact personally and collectively.