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What can I expect from a personal Masterclass?

Below you will find an overview of what a personal masterclass entails and what you can expect to get out of it.

The objectives of the Masterclass:

These objectives can be changed according to your needs, but most people have objectives like:


Provide information about the functioning of the mind and simple training tools that support you in managing the different elements in life (work, family, other) with more ease and wellbeing.

MindStrength format:

The six sessions will be designed around the core MindStrength themes of Focus, Awareness, Appreciation and Power of Kindness. The sessions will be adapted to your personal themes, but will broadly follow the below outline:

Focus: calming and concentrating the mind

This session will focus on the ability to pay attention. The skill of paying attention means 3 things:

Awareness: Understanding your own habits and patterns

In this second session we take a look at our habitual mind and behavioural tendencies. In general, we will see that we have a tendency for craving things we want, and avoiding things we do not want, and we have developed strategies as to how we go about our cravings and avoidance; some strategies might be more effective than others. It is incredibly empowering to recognise your habitual tendencies, and not react out of them automatically, but choosing your strategies with care.

Appreciation: Learning to see the good

In the third session, we will practice seeing all the good in your life. Actively working your brain towards the good is especially relevant in stressful situations, where our brain is often being activated to manage threats.  Certain exercises will strengthen the neural pathways in your brain that focus on the good. This activates the parts of the brain that are involved in thriving and will make the threat pathways less prominent, allowing you to respond in a balanced way to your emotions.

Power of Kindness: Self and others

In this session we will focus on cultivating compassion and kindness. Cultivating compassion and kindness towards yourself and towards others can be transformational in how you make decisions in work and life. Through kindness you will be using a different part of your brain to respond to situations – instead of the (often overused) avoidance mechanism (associated with reduced creativity and flexibility) you will activate your approach system (associated with open mindedness and creativity).

Value Clarification:

In this session, we will work to clarify and understand your core values. Values that really touch upon who you want to be, what you stand for, and how you relate to the world around you.

This will support channelling and balancing out your passions in life and the values will be a basis for committing to change – and continuing the practices of MindStrength as you go through daily life.

Committed Action

Throughout the 5 previous sessions you will be taking action, but this last session will be focussed on helping you sustain the action and build what you we have been experiencing and learning in the previous weeks into your daily life.

This will help you to stick to certain practices. The cultivation of the skills we train in the different sessions need commitment and practice. This step will help you in creating a habit and really making a change.

Time and Costs:

Time commitment:                 

7 hours skype:1 intake session +6 session, 1 hour every 2 weeks.  15 minutes a day exercise 6 days a week during the 12 weeks.  After the 12 weeks, ongoing meditation and other practice (5 to 15 min a day) – through MindStrength website.


649,– upfront payment – 30 day money back guarantee (check our terms and conditions).