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Want to Transform Anxiety?

It is totally possible. You can learn 6 key skills and you will see how they transform your anxiety!

I don’t think there is anybody that would say anxiety is a choice. If we could choose how we feel, we most certainly would not choose anxiety.

And this is true. We cannot choose how we feel, but we can shape our minds and brain in a way that makes it easier for us to feel good, and less likely for us to feel anxious.

Some of the most common mistake I see people living with anxiety make is trying all kinds of things, like yoga, breath-work, meditation, self-care etc. etc. to get rid of anxiety. The mistake does not lie in the activities, it lies in the intention as to why we do these activities. As long as we want to get rid of how we feel, we are not going to succeed in transforming anxiety.

So what does help with transforming anxiety?

It helps to know about and practice 6 skills. These skills are already inside of you, you just might need to strengthen them a bit. When you learn these skills you will learn about the mind and how it can feed or weaken anxiety. You will learn that it has nothing to do with ‘getting rid’ of anything, but about allowing and not getting caught up.

What do I need to learn to transform anxiety?

Here are the 6 skills:

So how do you train these skills?

There are a couple of things you can do:

Want some support to transform anxiety? Check out how!