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Check out the articles, meditations and videos - all created to help you transform your anxiety.

Articles and videos

Finding your breath


The first technique we learn when we start to meditate is to bring our attention back to the breath. The breath is always with us, it is always in the now and... Meditate now

Meditation Myths


As meditation has become more and more mainstream a lot has been said about what it is or should be. At MindStrength we use meditation techniques that allow you to focus and... View video

Why don’t I meditate


Despite our best intentions, it can be incredibly hard to start or stick to a meditation practice. It quickly becomes a ‘thing to do’ and adds to our already long to-do list,... Meditate now

5 minute meditation

Just Breathe


The most basic, but not simple, meditation exercise is to focus your attention on your breath. Time and again you will notice your mind drifts off to something else, time and again... View video

7 minute video

Anxious? That’s ok, try this…


We all have moments when we feel anxious, overwhelmed or just fed-up with things. While some of us might feel this more often that others, it is alien to no-one. We all... Read more

5 minute read

We’ve been taught that meditation is supposed to be a certain thing, but I’d like to dispel four meditation myths…

Video Meditation Myths