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articles, videos, and meditations

All the features of MindStrength


A quick overview of all the different features of MindStrength – all the tools and practices you need for a happier, healthier and stronger mind. View video

Walking Meditation


Sometimes sitting still in meditation can be hard. You can also meditate while walking. Just being aware of your experience while you move. Try it out! Meditate now

The breathing space


The breathing space is one of the foundational techniques used in Mindfulness. It allows us to reconnect with our experience as it is, step back from feelings of stress and move out... Meditate now

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A great force of change


Paradoxically, allowing for all our challenging emotions gives us much more power to act with impact. Learn how to open up to your experience with this 10 minute breathing space View video

Your power for change lies in your ability to allow for all your emotions to be

Video A great force of change