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Bite size Question: How is MindStrength different from other meditation apps?

Reading time: 2 minutes.

Since launching MindStrength I have been asked many times how MindStrength is different from all the other meditation, mindfulness or self-help apps and websites that are out there. This is a really good question.

When I started MindStrength it really came from two experiences.

  1. My own struggles with anxiety and finding calm, and all the stories I heard from my colleagues and friends. It seemed that everyone was, at one level or another, struggling with life. 
  2. My annoyance and dissatisfaction with all the advice and self-help out there. All I knew that every time I was promised happiness, laser focus or high performance, I felt like a failure. Somehow, I was not able to reach those states of happiness or laser focus that the self-help books and gurus promised. 

These two points are at the heart of what makes MindStrength different from most of the other things you will find in this market. This translates into three main differentiators: 

  1. MindStrength gets real about happiness and wellbeing. It does not promise eternal states of bliss, because that is simply not possible. We are human beings, we all live lives that have ups and downs. Eternal happiness, health or success are just simply not going to happen. However, MindStrength gives you tools to be able to deal with all of that in a balanced way. When you practice MindStrength it makes life easier, and this will make you happier (and yes, meditation can help with creating laser focus too!).  
  2. MindStrength works on the underlying mechanisms of our mind, not on symptoms. When you start working on reducing stress, controlling anger, letting go of fear or whatever, you are on a path of symptom control. While this might bring some relief, there will always be things that we struggle with, our symptoms might never stop if we do not address the underlying mechanisms that give rise to our symptoms. The great thing about working on the underlying mechanisms is that they also bring relief, but in a sustainable way. 
  3. MindStrength is personal. While we all prefer different ways of learning and interacting with the exercises, a lot of us want to be able to speak to a someone if they have questions, or if things are a bit tough. MindStrength offers this. Not only through the personal masterclass, but also when you choose to subscribe you can speak to us in person if you need to. We also respond to emails as quickly as we can with personal support. 

The best way to find out if MindStrength is something for you, is to try it. You can do this risk free as with our subscription you get 14 days free, and with our Masterclasses you get 14-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. 

If you are still wondering if you want to try MindStrength – Let’s chat! Drop me an email and we will find a time to discuss.