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Back to normal? Are you sure?

As slowly the corona restrictions are being lifted, I have noticed a certain restlessness. Not just because it is unclear how things will work once we start moving around more again, but also because I have enjoyed, and am enjoying, many things of the lockdown.

I realise I have a privileged position, but maybe you too have found some surprising pleasures in the lockdown.

In a sense, we have been given a unique opportunity to reassess our lives. When we are unable to live our lives as normal and when we feel fear and insecurity, we get up close and personal with all the things that are right and those that are wrong in our lives. It would be a shame to let this opportunity pass us by and just ‘get back to normal’ asap.

Now that we are slowly being able to get our freedom back, I have been asking myself, what is it that I want my new normal to look like?

I am asking these three questions to help me define that, maybe they are helpful for you too.

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