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Are you ready to become MindStrength’s co-founder?

Are you looking for a challenge and are you ready to make a real impact? MindStrength is looking for a co-founder Sales and Marketing – someone who can ensure we support as many people as possible to be happier and experience more wellbeing in life.  

MindStrength is your online space for a happier, healthier, stronger

MindStrength has a vision to help create a world where understanding and training our mind is the norm, creating happier and healthier individuals, families, communities and societies.

We aim to do this through offering high quality and easily accessible and no-nonsense online tools that help cultivate a more resilient and stronger mind. These tools are available through a monthly or yearly subscription.

What will you be responsible for?

Authentically finding and securing MindStrength clients with limited budget.

Yes, a double challenge.

No simple growth hacking techniques or FOMO, because this actually uses psychological tendencies that work against our happiness and wellbeing, and as such goes against the MindStrength philosophy.

No budget of tens of thousands of euros to start off with, just smart use of limited resources.

Are you up for it?

The investment and opportunity

The investment will be your enthusiasm, your expertise and your time, initially estimated at 16 hours a week.

The opportunity lies in being part of an exciting start-up, putting something really valuable into the world, helping people feel happier and stronger, the potential significant impact and of course the potential for growth and revenue.

MindStrength is set up for scale and growth. As co-founder you will get between 10-30% equity part of the business. This will depend on your time commitment and qualifications.

Where are we in the Start-Up journey?

MindStrength has been online since November 2019. In this time we have managed to grow our audience online (1100 + on Instagram and 500+ on Facebook) and are steadily growing our mailing list (now 300+). Seeing we started with 0, this is considerable growth. However, it is not yet enough.

The market for online meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing is large. There are a lot of competitors and as such it is important to clearly communicate MindStrength’s USP. In the current climate there is high need for support in emotional and mental strength, especially online. The growth potential for MindStrength is therefore considerable.

Evidence of this is our recent partnership with SweatCoin which has been very successful in attracting new subscriptions. Creating this type of partnerships will be critical part of the role.

Who are you?

You have experience in sales and marketing of online services

You love and know how to work social media marketing and are ready to manage MindStrength social media’s presence.

You are ready to roll up your sleeves and set up the systems, automations, and other things that are needed

You are ready to work remotely

You are ready to dedicate at least 16 hours a week to MindStrength, but more if needed

Are ok with the uncertainty of a start-up and the initial lack of (MindStrength) income

Thinks in opportunity and solutions and are pro-active

Ideally you are located either in the Netherlands, UK or Belgium

You are fully fluent in English

Does this excite you?

Get in touch, send me your CV and we will plan a chat!