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articles, videos, and meditations

The power of meditation!


The more you let go of the myths surrounding meditation and tap in to the real power it has, the more you will feel the impact it can have on your life. View video

Is your passion burning you out?


Are you super busy? Do you have pressing deadlines? Is an urgent response needed to HQ?  Do you actually have no time to read this article? Take a moment and ask yourself... Read more

6 minute read

Set your Intentions for 2021


A Mindful start Why: Today is the first ‘normal’ day of 2021, in as far as there is a normal right now. Kids might be back to (home) school, you might be... Read more

< 1 minute read

All the features of MindStrength


A quick overview of all the different features of MindStrength – all the tools and practices you need for a happier, healthier and stronger mind. View video

Walking Meditation


Sometimes sitting still in meditation can be hard. You can also meditate while walking. Just being aware of your experience while you move. Try it out! Meditate now

The system will never cater for all of our needs, and we cannot expect it to. We have to take a look at our own role in our own wellbeing and the choices we make. It is incredibly empowering to start to understand our own role in how stressed out, busy or cynical we are feeling.

Article Is your passion burning you out?