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Challenge your ‘I have to’


It is possible that there are many things in your day to day that you feel you ‘have to’ do. These can be strong energy sucks and contribute to feelings of unhappiness and/or lack of thriving.


Make a list of all the things you feel you ‘have to’ do in your day. The things in which you do not experience choice. Take a look at this list, is it short? Long?

Then ask yourself ‘why am I choosing to do these activities?’ What am I achieving with them? Try saying: I am choosing to do x, because my desire for y is being met. For example: I am deciding to clean the dishes because I desire my kitchen to be tidy.

This could start to shift your attitude towards the ‘I have to’ and make it easier to do, or easier to let go off.


Take a particularly good look at the things you do that do not (or no longer) serve something that is important to you. Why are you still doing them?