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12 Days of Christmas.
Time for ease, calm and reflection

Is Christmas and New Years’ not the easiest of time for you? Do you feel anxiety instead of happiness and joy?

You really want to make the most out of the Christmas holiday, whatever they might look like this year. The expectations are high. There are pressures of having the 'perfect' Christmas. It is quite a lot to deal with. What if you are just not feeling so ‘festive’?

Then join the ’12 days of Christmas’ programme! It will allow you to stay connected to yourself and build in some ease, calm and time for reflection. A perfect way to get the most out of the festive season and move into the new year mindfully.

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What you will get

You'll receive daily meditations and exercises in your inbox! We start on the 24th of December.

Calm and Quiet

Feel relaxed and grounded with guided meditations

Positive Reflection

Reflect back on 2021 with kindness

Clarity of Intentions

Move towards 2022 with clear intentions

Feelings of Kindness

Feel the power of being kind to yourself and those around you (even the challenging people!)

Portait of Maaike van Min, founder of MindStrength

Hi I am Maaike...

I was never a fan of the festive season. I acutely felt the pressure of having to feel ‘good’ and happy. I found the reality of ending another year and still feeling anxious very confrontational. I always wished I could just go to sleep for the whole two weeks of Christmas and New Year and wake up again the 4th of January. This year has thrown up different challenges, again. But even within that, I now enjoy this time. I make sure I continue to take care of me and do not cross any boundaries that might trigger anxiety (including family, overindulging, difficult thought spirals etc.) and this programme is how I do it, how I stay sane and get the most out of this time. I hope you join me and that it supports you like it supports me. Merry Christmas x

Yes, sign me up!

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Stay connected and calm

12 Days of Christmas

Meditations, exercises and more directly to your inbox.
  • 12 meditations to find calm and relaxation.
  • Exercises to reflect on this and next year mindfully.
  • Ideas for self-care during this festive season.
  • Life time access to all material.
€12— Give yourself this gift this Christmas.

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