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What is MindStrength?

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Calm your mind, increase concentration, lower stress.

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Know your habits and create more power to manage stressors in life.

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See and feel the good in our lives. Increase optimism and positivity.

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Power of Kindness

Improve self-confidence, health, and relationships with kindness to self and others.

Challenge reactivity with kindness

What to expect when you practice MindStrength

  • Experience more wellbeing, positivity, and enjoyment of life.
  • Feel less stress and anxiety.
  • Improve focus and concentration.
  • Calm mind and body.
  • Increase capacity to manage stressors of life.
  • Experience more compassion for yourself and others.

Latest articles

I am fed up!

Currently I am not really able to walk. A sport injury. Everybody told me that it would take 6 to 8 weeks, and I am only in week 4, but I am already pretty fed up. I berate myself for finding this challenging. I tell myself it is only an injury, it will heal, and it is absolutely nothing in the scheme of things. And yet, I am fed up.  Read more...

Stressed? That’s ok, try this…

We all have moments when we feel overwhelmed, fed up, exhausted, angry, anxious, you name it. While the exact emotion we feel might differ, the feeling of being overwhelmed is alien to no-one. While some of us tend towards anxiety, others towards anger, others still towards sadness, we all have moments when we just had enough. Read more...

Changing habits is hard: 5 ways to make changes stick

Ever tried to make a change in your life that intellectually you knew you needed to make? Did you commit to getting more exercise, eating healthier, or quitting smoking? Did you succeed? Even when we know that a change can be good for us, we often struggle to commit and stick to it. We fall back in old habits easily.  Read more...

Why beating yourself up gets you nowhere

Many of us have the tendency to beat ourselves up when things are not as we would like them to be. We berate, belittle, criticize and make fun of ourselves – for things we did, things we did not do, our thoughts, our feelings, anything really. Research has shown that unkindness to self is in fact, one of the most effective ways to create anxiety, depression and burn-out. Read more...

Overwhelmed by your to-do list? Try this…

At some level we all realize that we have a choice in how we spend our time, but very rarely does this actually feel true. We have to get up, get the kids ready for school, get ready to work, check and respond to emails, sit in meetings, get kids back home, shop, cook, clean, have fun… the list can feel like it’s never ending. It does not feel that a lot on the list is by choice. Read more...


Meditate for 5 minutes and boost your mood


Calming Focus Meditation
(3 min)


Challenge reactivity with kindness

Try this the next time you are out in traffic, whether as a driver, a cyclist or a pedestrian.

When someone does something that annoys you, like cut you off, or not stop at a zebra crossing, or walk so slowly that you cannot pass… anything…. see if you can think of their story rather than your own annoyance.

You can feel your own annoyance but rather than acting that out, see if you can think of two or three reasons why this other person is behaving in this way. They might be in a hurry because their kid is home sick, they might have an injury and cannot walk faster, they might just have had an argument with their husband or wife.

When you do that, watch your own annoyance. What happens to it?